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Why not have carpet cleaning be your 2014 resolution?

12/30/2013 (Permalink)

Resolve to have clean carpets in 2014!

Dare to be different!  Call SERVPRO at 816-246-5566 so we can help you with your resolve to have clean carpet. 

It's the start of 2014 and who doesn't have resolutions?  Most of us resolve to do something this year, whether it's eating healthier, shedding those stubborn ten pounds or paying off our debt.  But why not resolve to do something geared more toward living well in your surroundings?   How about resolving to focus on your home, the place where you house your pets and kids, where you spend quality time together (even if it's on smart phones!) and where you lay your head on your pillow?  Here are six ways you can treat your space right:

1. Check your smoke alarms!  It's always good to check your alarms and change batteries at a set time each year.  Smoke alarms save lives so take a few moments to check batteries and ensure your alarms work.  Do you have the appropriate number based on your home's size and layout?  The local fire department can assist with questions and often has alarms available at no cost to you.  Also, what about a carbon monoxide detector?  Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can kill quickly, so think about how one can make a difference in your home. 

2. Assemble a household emergency disaster kit .  It can include various items like water, flashlights and a first aid kit, which might be necessary in the event of an emergency such as a fire or a flood.  Check out the FEMA website for a list of recommended items http://m.fema.gov/build-a-kit.   Also, plan an escape route in the event of a disaster and make sure you regularly practice it with all family members. 

3. Save energy.  It goes without saying that shutting off lights when you leave the room cuts down on your energy costs.  Consider using fluorescent or LED lights instead of standard bulbs.  Also, weather stripping around windows and programmable thermostats can go a long way toward decreasing your heating bill.

4. Organize your storage areas.  When you have a fire or water loss, it's often difficult for repair companies or fire departments to access problem areas because of too many stored items.  Now is the perfect time to assess and determine what you truly use and love.  Anything that is no longer of value to you can be donated to a charity or thrift store. 

5. Deep clean your carpets.  Our shoes track in all kinds of hidden "treasures" and unless you take off your shoes at the door, they are lurking in your carpet fibers.  Now is a good time to arrange for a professional carpet cleaning so you can enjoy your space.

6. Consider starting a home project.  This is the perfect time of year to take a look at change.  Will a new paint color add life to a room?  What about arranging the furniture differently?  Something like adding pillows can make a huge difference in how you feel in a room. 

You deserve to feel comfortable in your space so why not take the time to do something nice for your house?  It's done a fabulous job of protecting you so far, so now it's your turn to resolve to be kind to it. 

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